Manage Dairy Business with Dairy Management Software

Create a powerful workflow by integrating customer interface, delivery software, and a business dashboard that synchronise with each other. Have the ultimate control over the entire dairy business with:


Order management


Payment management


Product management


Stock management


Delivery management


Customer management

Seamless business operations with Dairy Management System

Streamline business operations while increasing the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of the dairy business. The process involves:


Digital order placement


Order despatching


Order summary and invoice


Auto-generation of Stock reports


Real-time order status update


Flexible payment Methods

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Business with Dairy Management System

Automate business operational suite with the dairy management system. Track and manage the entire business on a single pane of glass. Operate efficiently with the following features of Milk Round Software:


Automated order management


Auto-route optimisation


Automated payment management


Automated Inventory management

Let’s Talk About What Trakop Can Do For Your Business.

Business Dashboard

A private and unique panel that allows the owners to manage the whole dairy farm with a single platform.

Customer Management

It helps them to manage the customers which may include managing their profile, previous records of the orders, etc.

Route Management

It allows the service providers to manage and analyze the delivery routes for the delivery man.

Customer Management

This management system enables the service providers to analyze the complete record of the sales and earnings details and helps in making new strategies for your business.

Order Management

It enables them to organize orders for every customer of a day.

Consumer Mobile Application

A unique platform for all the individuals that want to subscribe to the dairy products for daily or weekly delivery.


With the valid login details such as the mobile number and social media account, an individual can get the login details to get the delivery of all the dairy products produced in your dairy.

Choose the Products and Quantity

Through this feature, customers can select the specific product and its quantity for online delivery.

Resume and Stop the Delivery of the Product

It allows them to stop or resume the delivery of the products such as- cheese, milk, yogurt, and butter.

Multiple Online Payment Options

This feature allows customers to pay for the subscribed services through various online payment options such as- mobile payment gateways, debit cards, credit cards or wallets. An option to pay in cash is also available.

Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

This panel enables the drivers to deliver all the deliveries according to the address mentioned by the customers.


Like customer app, drivers need to mention details for login purposes to proceed for the services.

A Complete List of All Deliveries

It enables the drivers to get a complete list of all the deliverables that are going to be delivered in a day or on a weekly basis.

Online Payment Methods

This feature allows the drivers to get the payment for delivering the products and goods to the customer’s place.

Receiving A Container or Not

In case of delivering milk in a container, drivers can take the empty one back and can mark the option about the reception of the unit.

Delivery Management Software

Our software enables entrepreneurs to represent their business or services online with a smart & simple user interface, helps in reducing the operational cost and helps them to churn out maximum revenue.

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Milk Management System

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