All the Right Features

Take Control Of Your Online Business


Store Management

Easy Store Management

Customize your store’s logo, details, theme and description.

Multiple ordering mode – Delivery, Pick-up and Collection.

Payment Gateway support at no extra charge.

Order Management

All the orders in a single view

Accept/Reject Orders

Precise customer and location information

Export data & Integration with POS

Insights on fingertips

Understand your store performance on a single button click

Advanced analytics to understand customer behaviour and product performance

Menu Managment

Unlimited categories, sub-categories & products.

Rich product/sku management

Multiple product type and configuration for various options

Social Presence

Send & Receive WhatsApp notifications on orders

QR Code builder

Custom ordering feature


Customer Experience

Easily Discoverable

Store discovery via social, web and QR code

Seamless Experience

Navigate through categories, sub-categories and menu with intuitive user experience

Multiple Payment Modes

Let your customers pay via debit/credit card, UPI or even cash!

Phone Gif


WhatsApp and SMS notifications to keep customers engaged.

Secure & Reliable

Mobile number based authentication and best in class security to protect customer data.

AI powered marketing

Attract & retain your customers back through customized offers and coupon codes

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